Wednesday, July 25, 2007

cheapest linux box ever

Linux users are so creative... and cheap. Sometimes their love for free open source software takes hold in other ways. For example, check out this picture of a custom Linux box I found on

Ubuntu Feisty: $0.00. Cardboard box: $0.00. Duct tape: $1.00.

Having the bitchin'est case mod this side of the trailer park: priceless.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kidnapped Italian priest released in Philippines: Prodi

ROME (AFP) - Giancarlo Bossi, the Italian priest abducted last month in the Philippines, has been released, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said late Thursday.

"Father Giancarlo Bossi has been freed, a car is bringing him to a Philippines police station," Italy's ANSA news agency reported Prodi as saying.

Bossi had managed to get a message to Italy's ambassador to Manila, Anna Fedele Rubens, saying he was fine, an Italian foreign ministry spokesman told AFP.

Pope Benedict XVI welcomed the news with "great joy," said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.

Bossi, 57, is a member of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME). He was seized on June 10 in Zamboanga Sibugay in the southeast Philippines.

Gian Battista Zanchi, a senior PIME official told ANSA that Bossi would be given a medical check once he had arrived at Zamboanga.

Prodi thanked all those who had worked for the liberation, including the foreign ministry crisis team which had remained in constant contact with the Philippines authorities.

Philippines military officers in the region originally blamed the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for the abduction.

Last week, Philippines marines searching for Bossi on MILF-held territory on Basilan island were ambushed by the group and 14 of them were killed.

A close adviser to President Gloria Arroyo suggested that Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic extremist group known to have ties with Al-Qaeda, might be responsible.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Top 10 weirdest case mods

10.The Microwave PC

9.The Wallcrawler

8.The WMD

7.The R2D2 PC

6.The Lego Mac

5.The Cyberpumpkin

4.The Y2K bug
3.The Gingerbread PC

2.The Toilet PC

1.The Miss Kanna PC

fosfor gadgets

Saturday, July 7, 2007

all top usb collection weirdest devices

2007 Top 10 weirdest USB drives!

10.The USB Puppet Bags

9.The Altoids USB mod

8.The USB mince pie

7.Wooden memory sticks

6.The Holy bible drive

5.Crazy rabbit usb drive

4. The Bowling ball USB drive
3.Chewbacca drive
2.The Humping dog USB memory
1.The Teddy USB memory

The top 10 weirdest USB drives ever

this are the top usb ever done before.

10.The iduck

9.Sake bottle


7.Mikan Seijin USB memory

6.Big Tiki Drive

5.USB Dimsum


3.USB Shrimp

2.USB Thumb


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Thursday, July 5, 2007

strangest keyboards ever

Roll-up keyboard

The wrist keyboard

Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard

The SafeType keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard

The frogpad

The Twiddler 2

The Orbitouch

The Datahand

The Tidy Tippist

strangest computer mice i have found

Honorable Mention - Wowpen

Honorable Mention - Sony VN-CX1 Mouse Phone

Zero Tension Mouse

Soap - The Mid-Air Mouse

Mario Bros Computer Mice

Mus2 Cursor Mouse

The Minty Optical Mouse

NES Controller Optical Mouse

AMG Helmet Optical Mouse

Powerglove Mouse

Foot Mouse