Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learn more than 90 languages is technology capable , a web based application for language learning tool.
The website lets you learn foreign languages ,contains more than 90 dialect pairs via utilizing 3 original and extremely helpful methods: online chat with automated conversion and audio
diction, 3500 multimedia flashcards (audio, text, pictures), plus a reading device
intended for context perceptive learning. Also incorporated are lessons, quiz modes, matching games, and transcription system. Languages at this time obtainable include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Greek.
The next additional language will include Arabic, Russian, Korean, Hindi, and Thai.

Mainly rival products use desktop software to coach in a language and as well influence learners to go from one language to a different (i.e.. from English to Spanish). With LangLearner, there is no dependency on English. Thus, anyone in China can study French, or a anybody in Germany can study Japanese. Not like rival products wherever you can simply pay out $300 or more for a Level 1 lessons in every language, LangLearner can be obtained for as small as $14.99 monthly via a recurring subscription type.

This grants the consumer log on to all languages we bear out for a low monthly price.
Possible consumers contain anybody with the necessitate or wish to be trained a new language.
Clients include respective people and also institutions such as schools, universities, corporations, and government agencies.


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