Saturday, January 19, 2008

free web hit counter review at is a monitoring traffic tool for your website.It analyze's and count number of visitors and make it visible for us to see.Web hit counter give you statistics how much the incoming links to your web site and how many times your web pages have been browse.

More people use it for personal website ,blogs,eBay listing, eBay store, MySpace web site, and Xanga.You can choose different variety of styles at free counter pro to match your web design.

If you are using other hit counter now ,then want to switch at free counter pro , there is nothing to worry about losing the old hits.You can set your own value, for continued counts.

The good thing about this, your own ip address will be detected , so you can block it preventing your visits included in statistics.

You can view the top referring pages under members area , how visitors found your website,will it be from search engine,or a direct traffic.

free counter pro is easy to navigate, user friendly.
If you want free web hit counter now ,visit the sign up page and fill up the account form ,enter url of website, email address, choose the style then click the sign up button. Once seeing code ,copy and paste on your website for activation.


Free web hit counter said...

There are many factors that make free web hits counter’s exceptionally advantageous and beneficial. For the further improvement and advancing in business ventures related to these websites you need to track the activities of each customer effectively. These web hitters help you to know the number of visitors to your web pages and what exactly are they exploring out there. 

Simple hit counter said...

Its nice to know the review of your free web hit counter.I think everyone of us should use some web analytics tool to our site or blog.Without knowing where your traffic comes from or when and why it leaves, your website will not be able to become the successful website you want it to be.

PHP Page Counters said...

Well the counter lets you track the number of visits or hits on your website. This will give you idea if there is an improvement of your site traffic.Web analytics can help you figure out the most effective tactics for your marketing campaign. Web analytics can also be used to help you track your offline efforts.