Monday, March 3, 2008

Doteasy review

Want to have your own domain and looking for free hosting company? Doteasy has a great package for you.

They provide banner free web hosting package ,modernized the industry by offering free web space and low-cost domain name registering at the same time. No graphical adverts ,no tricks, and no obscure charges. One of the most affordable web hosting service i know.

Doteasy - web hosting offers 100 mb in web space ,1GB of monthly bandwidth transfer, and is very easy to upgrade to their full services offer web hosting option , once got in.

They have been trusted for over 160,000 satisfied customers, for providing affordable hosting solutions, quick respond technicians, with high technology used.

Their great features:

$0 Hosting Plan
$0 per month
free setup
10 personalized email addresses tool
100MB of disk space
1GB/month of data transfer
Cheap Domain Names
Award Winning Service
Free support

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