Sunday, August 10, 2008

Microsoft launches open source lab in RP


MANILA, Philippines - Software giant Microsoft will establish an open source interoperability laboratory in the Philippines, considered as the first in the region.

In a press briefing on Thursday, officials of Microsoft Philippines and the government’s Commission on Information and Communication Technology said the laboratory will spur the development of open source technologies.

The laboratory will be located at the National Computer Center (NCC) in Quezon City but won't be operational until September. It will be open to open source and cross-platform enthusiasts, including students, professionals, companies and users groups.

“The interoperability lab is essential to the industry in that it encourages IT professionals and enthusiasts to explore the possibility of interoperable technology. This will be a good venue for them to be creative and imaginative, and to explore technology without boundaries," NCC Director General Tim Diaz de Rivera.

Microsoft has also opened other similar laboratories worldwide, particularly Brazil which is a staunch supporter of open source technology. The lab enhances Microsoft technologies to support the Open Document Format (ODF) and collaboration with non-profit open source groups, Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft also has Linux Interoperability Lab and an Open Source Software Lab located in Redmond, Washington.

“Microsoft's interoperability efforts pave the way for the development of more products that leverage on our technologies and are able to work well with other solutions," said Ken Wye Saw, Microsoft Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, Microsoft Asia Pacific.

Interoperability is a crucial issue in industry these days because of the availability of different old and new technologies that need to work together to perform equally crucial functions. -

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