Sunday, September 7, 2008

Touchscreen Ordering Now in U.K. Restaurant


Flagging the novelty proportion, many latest restaurants in U.K. are revising their way of taking orders. Shunning the need of menu card, they are now in a mood to go hi-tech and are welcoming the accessibility of touchscreens that keep the diners engaged while they hang on for their orders. The e-menu form address a higher level of sophistication along with fast and efficient service with no burden on someone standing on your head to take order. And if you are afraid the germs attached to screen, the Israeli-based restaurant Frame (video) assures that a small number of methodical swabs suffice to provide a germ-free screen. But yes, like everything, it also has few drawbacks. There is a possibility that you might be served with a wrong order if customers happen to make errors while placing order.

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