Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Man Carries the Amputated Arm of His Twin Transplanted on His Chest-The brother got an extralong finger in exchange

To 'sculpture' your own body usually means going to gym and model your muscles. But for others the meaning may go beyond your imagination.

Ryan and Dave from Phoenix, Arizona, are surely the most unique twins in the world. They do not only share the same DNA, but their bodies also. Literally. After getting tired of piercing, tattoos and implants about three years ago, they went experimenting much 'heavier' surgical modifications.

Ryan carries Dave's entire right arm (both brothers are left handed) amputated at the shoulder and surgically reattached behind his right pectoral muscle.

Dave studied two and a half years in pre-med at Queens University in Kingston and with the help of two practitioners and two assistants he met there and online the brothers accomplished the procedure. It was obvious that no clinic would have done

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